Under Threat May 15, 2012 : 6:08 PM

Another Antarctic Ice Shelf could disappear, raising global sea levels:

“Scientists are predicting the disappearance of another vast ice shelf in Antarctica by the end of the century that will accelerate rising sea levels.”

“A review of decades of satellite data has found West Antarctic ice shelves are increasingly tearing away from stabilizing bay walls.”

“The Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf fringing the Weddell Sea on the eastern side of Antarctica has so far not seen ice loss from global warming and much of theobservation of melting has focused on the western side of the continent around the Amundsen Sea. But new research from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany says the 450,000-sq-km ice shelf is under threat.”

"According to our calculations, this protective barrier will disintegrate by the end of this century," said Dr Harmut Hellmer, lead author of the study, published in the journal Nature this week.”

Source: Christian Science Monitor