Moving toward Action June 12, 2012 : 4:02 PM

Climate Reality Project CEO Maggie Fox writes at the Huffington Post:

“It's easy to miss that there is a lot more happening on the climate change front than the alarming rise in severe weather all over the world. Without question, the latest news is sobering: Even as we learn that global carbon pollution reached record levels in 2011, most of our leaders haven't stepped up to address this crisis with the urgency that is required.”

“But the bad news is only part of the story. Across Asia, Latin America, Australia and even here in the United States, a few important steps are being taken to tackle the most important issue of our time. As a few nations are passing laws and regulations to reduce carbon pollution, people everywhere are seeing the impacts of climate change on their day-to-day lives, and deniers are being forced to throw in the towel.”

“Just recently, the Heartland Institute here in the U.S. -- a group known for its relentless and outrageous campaigns that deny climate change science -- rolled out an ill-advised billboard campaign equating those who know that climate change is real with serial killers and murderers. In less than a day, public outrage forced Heartland to take the billboard down. During their annual conference in Chicago, organizers announced that in the wake of public outcry over their desperate antics, funding for the group is drying up -- and this year's climate denial conference may well be their last.”