Romney is "Bus-ted" on Green Jobs June 20, 2012 : 4:42 PM

It should no longer be a surprise the lengths to which Mitt Romney and other conservatives will go to obscure truth in pursuit of their narrow ideology. Case in point was the recent bus tour on which the Republican candidate campaigned against green jobs in states where hundreds of thousands have been created:

“Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney begins a five-day bus tour today. He’ll cross six different states, focusing on economic issues and the “ordinary concerns of the American people.”

“As he has throughout the campaign, Romney will likely talk about why he doesn’t believe that clean energy is good for the country. In recent months, the Romney campaign has attacked American renewable energy companies, lied about the clean energy stimulus, and called American green jobs “illusory” — even with 64,000 clean energy jobs in his home state of Massachusetts.”

“In fact, those jobs are far from illusory. In the six states that Romney plans to visit on his bus tour, there are nearly half a million green jobs across a diverse range of sectors like wind, solar, land conservation, green buildings, and waste-to-energy.”

“According to 2010 data compiled by the Brookings Institution, there are 418,512 green jobs in the states on Romney’s bus tour.”

Source: Climate Progress