The Climate Crisis Is Hazardous to Your Health June 23, 2012 : 3:41 PM

Kaiser Permanente warns of the health problems the climate crisis could create:

“One of America’s largest health care companies is warning that climate change will worsen public health problems and make it more difficult to provide services.”

“Kaiser Permanente is the biggest non-profit health care company in the U.S., serving more than 9 million people with an operating revenue of $44 billion. Speaking to Andrew Winston of the Harvard Business Review, a Kaiser spokeswoman explained why the health care giant is concerned about a warming planet:”

“I spoke recently with Kathy Gerwig, KP’s Environmental Stewardship Officer, to find out. I expected a more typical answer about achieving GHG reduction goals or doing the right thing. What I got instead was one of the most straightforward statements about the role of climate change in public health and in corporate strategy.”

As Gerwig put it, “there’s credible evidence of significant climate change that will impact our ability to provide quality health care.”

Source: Climate Progress