Legislative Insanity September 27, 2012 : 12:04 PM

Before leaving town for a pre-election recess, Republicans in the House of Representative decided to deliver a gift to their funders in the coal industry. Climate Progress reports:

“In the House of Representatives’ final act before its two-month vacation, House Republicans approved 233-175 a pro-coal package on Friday that dismantles or delays an array of public health protections. H.R. 4309 may be named for the fictitious “war on coal,” but it rolls back protections in the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, blocking EPA carbon pollution standards and fuel efficiency standards.”

“In a year where fossil fuel groups have pledged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the House GOP’s last act before November is a symbolic gesture for coal, that risks Americans’ health and even the coal industry itself.”

This is beyond bad policy – it is an act of malice. While failing to reauthorize wind energy tax credits, Republicans continue to subsidize an industry pumping out toxic pollution that increases dozens of health problems, not to mention the destruction of our climate. This was truly an act of legislative insanity.