Top stories of the week March 8, 2013 : 4:11 PM

2012 C02 Increase 2nd highest since 1954
While renewable energy systems are expanding at an ever increasing rate—so too are fossil fuel emissions. This latest report from NOAA is further evidence that we must take immediate steps to slow our reckless pollution of the atmosphere.
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The end of the NYT's "Green Blog"
NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan succinctly wrote what many of us have been thinking, "I hope that Times editors — very soon — will look for new ways to show readers that environmental news hasn’t been abandoned, but in fact is of utmost importance. So far, in 2013, they are not sending that message."
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Radical groups reach an all time high
The number of right-wing Patriot groups reached an all time high in 2012, breaking the record for the fourth year in a row—driven by recession, immigration, the gun control debate, and the election of Barack Obama. Managing racial and nationalistic tensions is increasingly important to stability in the United States and many other countries around the world as people migrate more freely and economies become more integrated. Full Story

Drug-resistant infections in hospitals on the rise
Deadly forms of bacteria that are highly resistant to antibiotics are increasingly common in American hospitals, forcing facilities to take new prevention mentions to prevent deadly spread. Some of the bacterial infections have mortality rates of 50 percent as the development of new antibiotics has too slow to keep up. As I discuss in my new book, The Future the human microbiome is a vitally important new area in modern medicine. Full Story

Robots in the workplace
A new wave of robots is approaching commercial viability, threatening to displace various jobs in several in American industries—a process I call "robosourcing." Ever since the Luddites in the late 18th century, there has been a debate about whether new technologies would replace or augment human labor. As a wave of advanced robots start to fill our factories, the labor force will have to evolve alongside it. Full Story