Top stories of the week March 23, 2013 : 1:53 PM

Medical revolution
We are witnessing the emergence of many exciting technological innovations that hold the potential to disrupt health care as we know it, providing better outcomes at substantially reduced costs, as detailed by Jonathan Cohn in the cover story of March's issue of The Atlantic. From artificial intelligence like IBM's Watson to robotics, genetics, Big Data, and other technologies, this may be the beginning of a revolution in the way health care is delivered. The Atlantic.

The decision to invade Iraq was a strategic blunder, a failure of democracy and informed deliberation. It must never happen again. Paul Krugman sums it up well in his piece this week. New York Times.

China's environmental crisis
From polluted waterways to smog-laden skies to a rapidly growing carbon footprint, China is a facing a monumental environmental crisis. Unfortunately, actions to solve it are being stalled by the nation's powerful oil and gas industry. New York Times.

Danny Hillis on Internet vulnerability
Our highly interconnected world has brought about tremendous advancements for our civilization, but at what cost? Many experts now suggest that our increasing interdependence has also led to incredible vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Internet-pioneer Danny Hillis thinks we need a "Plan B," a backup system that will allow critical functions to continue, even if a large-scale attack disables the Internet. Watch his TED talk here.

Good news from the green economy
The green economy continues to gain momentum. A new Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that between 2010-2011, the number of green jobs grew "at a rate 4 times faster than all other industries combined." More from HuffPo.